Smart Education

Integrating Education Systems for Smarter Classroom
How the future generation is educated will mould the future of our economies.
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CyberClaz Features


Capturing classroom session data with multiple cameras is now easy with Cyberclaz. Let your students be a part of an interactive classroom that assists them in participating and being actively involved.


Cyberclaz supports data storage and archiving of classroom sessions for future reference. Students can access missed sessions using their smart devices from anywhere in the world.


Being physically absent in classroom sessions and missing out on lectures is no longer a worry with Cyberclaz. Attend live classrooms with live broadcasting feature or download missed lectures with the Video on demand feature in Cyberclaz.


Students and teachers can now benefit from analysis about performance, attendance and more with report generation support in Cyberclaz. Analyse and change your strategy based on how effective your classroom sessions have been.

What is CyberClaz

Imagine a cyber classroom where teachers and students actively engage online as easily as if they were in the same room. CyberClaz enables classroom sessions to be recorded and provides a means for students to take class notes, ask doubts, submit assignments, and browse and watch the classes they have missed, and allows teachers to share notes and assignments, analyse student engagement, view analytics about student attendance, performance and more – all of this virtually!

CyberClaz combines mobility and analytics with a cloud platform to create a product that makes education easy to deliver. With features such as digital attendance, note taking, Video On Demand, live broadcasting and much more, students are engaged during class and are able to review or catch-up as needed.

Why CyberClaz

Education is the foundation for a better tomorrow. How the future generation is educated will mould the future of our economies. The education techniques and management fundamentals differ from institution to institution and from teacher to teacher, leading to an inconsistency in the processes. What we need now is a revolutionary methodology and consistent adaptation of technologies to build a smarter pool of talent. Smart Education needs intervention with data analytics, predictive technology, early warning systems and cloud integration, which in turn will provide multitude of resources at disposal for schools and universities across the globe. Smart Education is the future for which investing in the present is paramount.

CyberClaz is an easy to use, cost effective educational solution that can be implemented by universities to reap benefits of smarter class rooms. CyberClaz offers numerous features including flipped classrooms, lecture capturing, scalable architecture, multi device and OS support, live broadcasting, video on demand, raise hand notification and much more.

IBM Powered

IBM MobileFirst

IBM Mobile First provides variety of safety measures that help developers create applications that are secure. It also supports cloud integration to manage resources from multiple channels. Since CyberClaz is a responsive application that can be accessed through multiple devices and platforms, IBM MobileFirst offers the required scalability to manage cross-platform development.

Cognos BI

In an educational environment, generating reports that let educators identify weak students early on is crucial. Such kind of reports and analysis enable them to identify and mentor these students so they can excel. IBM Cognos BI gives this report generation capability to CyberClaz.

IBM Cloud

Implementing a smart classroom means that students should be able to access content and sessions from anywhere, anytime. IBM SoftLayer powers CyberClaz with cloud framework that stores data, which can be accessed at a later time.

Intelligent Video Analytics

IBM Intelligent Video Analytics identifies events, attributes or patterns of behaviour through video analysis of monitored environments.IBM Intelligent Video Analytics offers an event-based solution that analyzes video feeds to provide alerts for security staff to provide real time active alert to prevent a serious security breach.


IBM SPSS Decision Management for Student Performance combines powerful predictive models and business logic with a simple and intuitive user experience that enables educators to quickly and easily:

  • View and understand students’ progress
  • Spot learning problems early
  • Optimize individual intervention measures
  • Maximize “on-track” performance and graduation rates

Live Broadcasting

Seamless experience of being in the live classroom session without physically being present in the room is now possible with Cyberclaz. Let your students feel involved and active in lectures that can be broadcast and viewed from anywhere in the world.


Cyberclaz was created keeping in mind that it needed to adapt to any type of existing smart classroom methodologies in school. It is highly expandable and can easily be configured to function smoothly with existing setup.

Video on demand

No longer worry about missing out on important guest lectures or classroom sessions with the Video on demand feature. Advanced search capabilities let you search for exact events during the lecture and that too, on the go.