Capturing data in the form of audio, video and text is the crux of CyberClaz. Experience seamless data capture with Claz Recorder from anywhere, any device. Capture data from all kinds of academic organisations ranging from small institutions to larger universities, with equal prowess and accuracy. Enterprise mobility helps to support a wide variety of devices and wireless endpoints, heighten security and device posture and to promote higher efficiency.

Enterprise Mobility
Put your education in motion

Teacher and student can access the application remotely irrespective of their location. Educators can work on a presentation from anywhere, store it on the cloud, and present it in the classroom with a notebook.

Digital Strategy
CyberClaz was created taking into account the digital world that organisations are now embracing. It integrates Enterprise Mobility and Enterprise Analytics in day to day activities. Students can mark their attendance and even take lecture notes digitally, for easy access and analysis in the future. Educators can work on a presentation from anywhere, store it on the cloud, and present it in the classroom with a digital notebook. Using any tablet, now you can record any class session from anywhere, any time.
multichannel  AV 15Q4
Multichannel AV Recording
When capturing a lecture in a classroom, there are multiple elements involved. This includes the teacher speaking, students participating in discussions, whiteboard notes and presentation details. CyberClaz implementation lets you install multiple cameras in strategic locations in a classroom in such a way that every possible action/reaction of participants is captured. This means you have access to data from multiple camera feeds at the same time.
While recording the class Audio session, the feeds from teacher and student are recorded as independent channels. Thus Audio feeds from teacher and student who speak at the same can be played back later in better quality.
Automated Recording
It is a service that allows for easy recording and reviewing of courses, lectures and presentations. The automated scheduled lecture captures service records, encodes and posts lectures on a Web page where students can view them after class.
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Students and teachers can now benefit from analysis about performance, attendance and more with report generation support in CyberClaz. Analyse and change your strategy based on how effective your classroom sessions have been.



CyberClaz supports data storage and archiving of classroom sessions for future reference. Students can access missed sessions using their smart devices from anywhere in the world.



Being physically absent in classroom sessions and missing out on lectures is no longer a worry with CyberClaz. Attend live classrooms with live broadcasting feature or download missed lectures with the Video on Demand feature in CyberClaz.