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Claz Recorder

Claz Recorder facilitates up to four independent channels of audio and video capturing. Video can be captured using a traditional analogue feed or more advanced IP cameras depending on the preference of the universities.

Claz Recorder enables the teacher to record each class session, digital attendance taking, notes (pdf, ppts, images etc.) sharing, doubt clearance etc.  The Claz Recorder facilitates multi-channel recording. The Claz Recorder is provided with three cameras feeds. One is for teacher; one is for student, another stream for presentation/blackboard. Teacher has ability to switch between the presentation feed and blackboard. Each classroom will be provided with one wireless Lavaliar / Tie clip microphone for the teacher, one audio feed from the presentation shared and multiple microphones for the students which are muxed together to a single audio channel.


Claz Player

For replaying the recorded digital media content, we need an application; Claz Player is such an application that will help the users to playback the recorded session. Authenticated search features let users search for lecture names to retrieve all relevant audio and video data files. All the related log notes, attachments, and annotations made during the lecture capturing are also retrieved. Claz Player will be provided with two-channel audio and three channel video feeds with individual volume control and master video control.

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