CyberClaz connects academic, operational and financial data and coupling it with the right reporting and analysis capabilities, education organizations can:

  • Track student performance across institution, cohort, course and more.
  • Monitor attendance, mobility and intervention patterns and take remedial action.
  • Analyze instructor development and curriculum effectiveness at any level.
  • Manage fundraising, advancement and alumni relations.
  • Measure effectiveness of spending against results and report to stakeholders.
Business Intelligence

A complex world demands skilled and knowledgeable citizens, yet educational institutions at every level struggle to graduate students who can meet these requirements. As costs rise and funding shrinks, educators and administrators need deeper insight into which approaches work and which do not. Analytics provides them with the tools to measure performance and ensure students acquire the skills to succeed. Business analytics solutions help education professionals:

• Promote academic success.
• Measure learning effectiveness
• Manage financial performance.
• Reduce risk and complexity.

Predictive Analytics

Decision management helps educators at all levels, from elementary school to higher education, make the right decisions at the right time and deal with a number of critical challenges.

IBM predictive analytics solutions for education and how they can help schools improve outcomes in areas such as:

  • Student performance
  • Student retention
  • Enrollment management
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Intelligent Video Analytics

CyberClaz is more than just a lecture capturing solution. Based on the video analytics such as taking the student count, face and motion detection etc, academic organisations can assess their current processes and make amendments as required. IBM Intelligent Video Analytics identifies events, attributes or patterns of behaviour through video analysis of monitored environments.IBM Intelligent Video Analytics offers an event-based solution that analyzes video feeds to provide alerts for security staff to provide real time active alert to prevent a serious security breach.

Big Data

IBM Big Data Text Analytics aids CyberClaz in knowledge extraction for logical reasoning to draw inferences from natural, unstructured communications. Text Analytics turns text into data for analysis.

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CyberClaz supports data storage and archiving of classroom sessions for future reference. Students can access missed sessions using their smart devices from anywhere in the world.



Being physically absent in classroom sessions and missing out on lectures is no longer a worry with CyberClaz. Attend live classrooms with live broadcasting feature or download missed lectures with the Video on Demand feature in CyberClaz.