CyberClaz integrates with leading databases that include DB2, SQL and oracle for storing captured audio, video and log notes. The broadcasting feature of CyberClaz is powered with IBM Softlayer that offers cloud integration for broadcasting anywhere in the world, irrespective of location.

CyberClaz provides flexibility to store captured data and view them on-demand due to its cloud integration. Powered with IBM Softlayer cloud, CyberClaz can store large amount of captured data. IBM Softlayer ensures that information is safeguarded and is securely stored.
Video Integrity
The Data are stored in a Secured Storage Using Encryption/Decryption Technology The recorded data files are encrypted, watermarked and securely stored in Rebbon – the streaming server. During playback, these encrypted files are decrypted from Rebbon. Thus confidential data are secure and safe for authenticated users.
hard disc
Data Redundancy
The recorded class data can be stored in server main memory, as well as on Rebbon streaming server which is an auxiliary storage in every classroom, data redundancy is the existence of data that is additional to the actual data and permits correction of errors in stored or transmitted data. The additional data can be simply a complete copy of the actual data, or only select pieces of data that allow detection of errors and reconstruction of lost or damaged data up to a certain level.
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Video Edit
Video Edit functionality provides the convenience of editing video content using your favorite web browser – no software downloads. With a complete revision history, you can always safely revert back to any previous version of your video.
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Capturing classroom session data with multiple cameras is now easy with CyberClaz. Let your students be a part of an interactive classroom that assists them in participating and being actively involved.



Students and teachers can now benefit from analysis about performance, attendance and more with report generation support in CyberClaz. Analyse and change your strategy based on how effective your classroom sessions have been.



Being physically absent in classroom sessions and missing out on lectures is no longer a worry with CyberClaz. Attend live classrooms with live broadcasting feature or download missed lectures with the Video on Demand feature in CyberClaz.