CyberClaz experience does not end at capturing data. With sophisticated player and broadcasting tools, CyberClaz lets you stream captured video to multiple students who can access the broadcast using their smartphones, tablets or desktops.

Smart Attendance
IBM Intelligent Video Analytics provides facial recognition capability through an external Facial Recognition server. This functionality is utilized for smart attendance feature which recognize faces from real time video feeds to mark attendance.
Live Broadcast
Capture live classroom sessions or guest lectures with multiple cameras and easily share and broadcast them real time. At just the click of a button, transform your classroom session from a closed room to an open air broadcast.
Video On Demand
Curate past classroom sessions and make them available as videos on demand. Students can request a video from past sessions and revisit the captured lectures in no time.
Multi-Channel Switcher
CyberClaz allows you to switch between video inputs so that the most important view is shown during playback. When live class session is going on lecturer have the control to switch video between blackboard and presentation feed capture.
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Capturing classroom session data with multiple cameras is now easy with CyberClaz. Let your students be a part of an interactive classroom that assists them in participating and being actively involved.



CyberClaz supports data storage and archiving of classroom sessions for future reference. Students can access missed sessions using their smart devices from anywhere in the world.



Students and teachers can now benefit from analysis about performance, attendance and more with report generation support in CyberClaz. Analyse and change your strategy based on how effective your classroom sessions have been.